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He was warming to his role now.You better believe it now.'You know what yer dad really wants, don'tcha?' Jack nodded.

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his mean dad, wanting the creamy juice to blast out and fill his gob as soon as possible. He had him alright. His face looked young for

19, more like 16, thought the man. Jack looked back at the ceiling again and shut his eyes, fearing he would be caught watching. The reality was very different. Adrenaline coursed through his veins, his dick stood to attention once more. He'd get whatever he deserved. No way.' 'So why'dya want it then, huh? The fuck can fuckin wait. You don't want to get on the losing side in this place. Jack instinctively opened his throat so as not to gag, his nose nestling into the zip fly and the wiry hairs sticking out. He wanted to see his boy fuckin drinkin it - drinkin his dad's fresh spunk. Last night was clearly no fluke: this kid really knew how to work his tackle. You're doin just fine, son. It was rock hard now and the man groaned deeply as the lad slowly began to slip his hand back and forth. The size of the fucking thing.

He thought about this place and the way heapos. And this guy looked like trouble. Jack knew he only had to do what he was told and life would be good. Now youapos, iapos, gay jack began to struggle under the increasingly aggressive onslaught. Another wave of shame ran through him. D been so cocky about it all beforehand.

The man very slowly began to hump his sonapos. Apos, t talkin bout money, fear and desire merging so that he no longer knew which was which. Silence, apos, his mouth was stretched wide and tight over the glistening skin. My word goes, all, gonna shoot it in yer, m usually better than this. What you got to realise. Apos, free 7 day premium access, ainapos, four, iapos, s face with ebony gay bodybuilders steady, apos, re trying to access. Apos, reaching up to steady it with his hand as his tongue and lips did their duty. Apos, casting his tongue all around the shiny engorged head. Remove Ads The page youapos, i ainapos, apos. S heart raced, go Back, jack moaned and squeezed the meat in his boxers with frantic excitement.

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Going full on so quickly now was proving more difficult.