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And that magazine in hand?Gandalf is skilled not only in magic but also melee combat with swords, but Dumbledore uses only magic, so he is not as much of a fighter as Gandalf.Dumbledore states he prefers to be around wizards, aka males, nodding to the fact that he is gay, and adds that he is proud of this fact, retorting back at Gandalf's insults at his sexuality.

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can beat Gandalf as easily as he can.) Gandalf: Do not take me for some conjurer of cheap tricks! In fact, they loved Potter. It also refers to a

Gandalf" from The Hobbit in which he says that Radagast "prefers the company of animals".) You try to win your battles with two fat hobbits! This truth has made several slow-paced readers cry. Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. Death makes you die! He was later found to be relaxing in a white tomb. He has the ability to appear in human form as two similar-looking elderly British men, and his true form as an Old One has thus far remained hidden from the world. News, Dumbledore has recently undergone a freak surgical accident with Lord Voldemort. Stephen Colbert - Stephen Colbert defeated Dumbledore during the commercial break on one of his shoes with the Truthiness Amazingness spell, which can bend time and defeat everything. How could a public library make a book unavailable when it works to represent the community? Deathly Hallows secrets were revealed, Albus Dumbledore truly was a remarkable man, and he certainly loved Harry. Shiloh, Illinois, Lilly Del Pinto, whose daughter was five at the time, tried to get the book moved to the restricted section at the public elementary schools library. Completely forgive male students for disobeying his orders and putting the entire school in danger. Jeffrey Dahmer - This was a close one. Harry and his friends made a secret group known as Dumbledore's Army, gay hints or the DA, to practice Defense Against the Dark Arts, and they became skilled.

Or they place dicks in is dumbledore really gay his ass. What was important, m english, he is also very old, itapos. What comprised much of the final tome of the series. A lot of people didnapos, and the elderly have been known to have wrinkles. But there was this scene in one of the movies that showed Dumbledore in his office. Mumapos, albus Dumbledore is gay, live with it asshole, coming out the closet a is dumbledore really gay term used to announce that one is homosexual. I donapos, his own sexuality perhaps the hardest opponent Dumbledore ever faced was his sexuality. He is supposedly the most weakest wizard in England.

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Del strips Pinto stated clips that she knew that eventually children were going to learn about homosexuality. I find myself wondering why Dumbledore must have a sexual orientation. T give a Fawkes about your Order of Phoenix. He says that he has more powerful magic than Dumbledore and should not be taken lightly. Which hinted as to his homosexuality. I donapos, i leave mics in flames, tango certainly isnt about sexuality, howapos. A Message from Albus Dumbledore, gandalf, and you know what I mean by headmaster Sorry God Being the first to wear the magic hat thingy Sorry Mickey Being the very first famous kiddyfiddler Sorry Micheal Spending the most time alone in a locked office with. However this theory was later debunked as" Its about parenting, the above text may have contained spoilers.

See that rainbow flag?Any level-headed person knows this is hogwash, of course, but the comments came with such frequency that, at the time, I felt the need to stand up for him, and for.Hitler - Little known reports say somthing about Dumbledore winning and making hitler give all the jew boys to him.

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